Create your project

Describe your project in detail and explain what should be done,
Let freelancers know how much your budget is and choose essential skills for your project.

Write your description in a way that freelancers can estimate the time and budget accordingly.


Choose the best bid

We will send your project as emails to the freelancers with required skills for your project. Interested freelancers will place a bid on your project. You can ask them questions, view their profiles, and review their portfolios to find the best freelancer for your project.


Create milestone payment for freelancer

Always use milestone payment for your project.

You can create milestone payment as many as your project needs and when each milestone is delivered, release the payment of that milestone or release all milestone payment when the project is completed.

Always release milestone payment when the project is delivered to you and you are satisfied with the result.

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Submit your rate and review

After the project is done, submit your rate and review for the freelancer. This will be helpful for other employers to choose the best freelancers for their projects.

Based on your project value and information, we also give scores to freelancer's skill. So other employers can easily find skilled people for their own project.

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